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Seth Bader of Bader Law Firm, LLC Releases – Free eBook

For a limited time only, “9 Common Mistakes Which Destroy a Worker’s Compensation Case,” is available for free through the website of Bader Law Firm, LLC.

Atlanta Personal Injury firm, Bader Law Firm, LLC has recently released a free eBook through their website, “9 Common Mistakes Which Destroy a Worker’s Compensation Case,” that seeks to educate those individuals and their families who have been injured or harmed through a workplace accident or negligence from a company or employer. The book provides information that is common to all cases, and demystifies the behind the scenes process of a workman’s compensation claim. The book was authored by firm leader, Seth Bader, after discovering that he was fielding the same set of questions over and over during consultations.

“As a lawyer who works with injured workers’ cases day in and day out,” says Seth Bader. “ I see more and more injured workers being taken advantage of by their employers and the big insurance companies. As a result, I have written this book to level the playing field for injured workers when dealing with their employers and the big insurance companies.”

The Bader Law Firm was organized around the principles that all humans deserve the same legal equivalence, regardless of position, power, or wealth. It is a firm that is firmly focused on providing all their clients with outstanding results, personalized attention, and uncompromising integrity. Each attorney, case manager, and staff member at Bader Law Firm, LLC, is wholly dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every client. This level of commitment and teamwork on their cases have made it possible for them to achieve outstanding results for those injured persons and families who come to them for help.

The eBook focuses on mistakes that are commonly made in worker’s compensation cases so that someone who has been injured while on the job or because of the job can avoid the pitfalls and maximize the results of their case. The book discusses common mistakes like:

  • Failing to Properly Report the Accident
  • Not Knowing When to Return to Work
  • Failing to Give Accurate Medical History

These and other mistakes can make or break a worker’s compensation case or claim and result in either no damages awarded or greatly reduced compensation.” It is my sincere hope that the information in this book will make a difference in how injured workers deal with their employer and the big insurance companies” — Seth Bader The eBook is available for download through their website at:

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