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Next – Providing Up to Date Information on Bartending Educational Opportunities Launches, Providing Up to Date Information on Bartending Educational Opportunities is a guide to bartending schools across Canada with descriptions and contact information for visitors to review.

Bartending has become a lucrative and sought after career path as more and more programs such as On the Rocks and Bartender Wars become popular with television audiences.  Bartending schools in NYC that have been covered by these reality TV programs are already ranking high with new applicants. looks to provide the same type of visibility for bartender courses in Toronto and Vancouver.  Bartender Training is a website that offers reviews of bartending schools and advice for people looking to get into the industry. With articles written by people who have worked in the hospitality industry. We have reviews of bartending schools in Canada and the USA. Some of the topics covered already include terminology and slang, dealing with problem guests and storage of different types of alcohols.

“Today’s employment world has become very focused on meritocracy and less on having four year degrees,” says Zoltan Hunt, owner of YYZtech Group Media and owner of the site.  “Training school enrollments are up and people who have skills like bartending and cooking have the same types of opportunities that people used to have who went to college for a liberal arts degree—probably better.  Bartending is one of those fields where someone can jump in and make a lot of money if they are good at mixing and have a great personality.  Tips alone if someone is working at a top bar or pub can pay the rent.  Our website is a way of presenting this opportunity and showing people who are interested, ‘Hey, here is a great bartending course in Vancouver. Check it out.’”

Food and drink establishments have been popular since time immemorial.  A good chef or bartender will always find work.  Unlike chefs who develop great skills, but are hidden in a kitchen, bartenders not only show off their skills in an immediate and visual way, but also have the opportunity to interact with customers and raise their tips exponentially making this a lucrative career path for the right person.  Just like a chef, however, to get a high paying position instead of entry level someone must have a certification or diploma from a school, which is where comes in.  Putting out a list of bartending courses in Vancouver or bartending schools in Toronto is good, but being able to review and give a breakdown of their offerings is better—which is exactly what Hunt wanted to accomplish with the website.

“Today people are looking for a career in bartending, not just a summer job or college job.  The younger generation sees it for what it is, a career path all its own.  Bartenders make a lot of money here in Canada.  This isn’t just a field for people living in LA or NYC.  This is something that can be put to use even in a small town.  And if you get good?  Well, a good bartender can someday become a bar owner,” says Hunt. launches on September 1st, 2015.

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