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Chip Tuning – Introduction, Importance and Racechip services

Chip tuning simply means to modifying or changing an erasable programmable ROM (Read Only Memory) chip in an automobile’s or any other vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in order to achieve high level of performance. It’ll also offer more power, clear emission and better fuel efficiency for your vehicle. This makes of the manufacturer of engines to use a conservative electronic control unit map to allow for individual engine variations and as well as infrequent servicing and poor quality fuel. Automobile with a remapped ECU might be more sensitive to fuel quality and service schedule. Modern ECU can be tuned by simply updating their internal software through a standard user interface. This process is known as ECU or engine tuning.

Racechip Chip Tuning

There has been a growing debate about the fact whether drivers should go for a classical chip tuning or a modern chip tuning box for their cars. There is only a slight difference when it comes to classical chip tuning and modern chip tuning box. In the modern system, the chip tuning box comes with an electronic system. In this system, the entire system is housed in an external box with a cable attachment. However, when it comes to the performance aspect, the two systems are not much different with each other. Most car guide and tips have suggested that it is better to go for chip tuning in cars from time to time.

Whether it is a new model or used cars, chip tuning can improve the performance of the vehicles, says Specialists from

Chip tuning box

There is only one advantage when you are using a chip tuning box over the classical chip tuning. The installation of a chip tuning box is extremely simple and can be done all by yourself, as compared to the classical chip tuning system, where you had to pay a visit to the workshop for a successful installation. Also, there is an option to revert to the old system whenever you desire to do so. Customers who change their cars can also get the ECU set as well as reprogrammed for the new set of tunings. This modification can be done at no cost at all.

The current edition of chip tuning box offers a re-map of the standard ECU software, which comes as a basic function of the multi-map technology of DTE Systems. This fact ensures that the car is tuned to perform to the maximum capacity at the minimum load. This also means that the multi-map technology is calibrated in such a way so that four to eight data are stored seamlessly in the memory. The data can be retrieved according to the driving behaviour. This allows the driver to have an optimum range of performance with power with the basic parameters.

The processors used in this system are of special importance. The maximum number of map operations that is arithmetic operations per second is not that important. However, the fact that the calculation cycle is perfectly in sync with the main engine unit is the prime important factor.  The fine scanning of the grid can be done conveniently in real-time as well as the protection functions of the ECU or the main control unit are not affected. The unique characteristics of the vehicle can also be known by using this chip tuning in cars. Most car guide tips have showed that the performance of cars have magnified after chip tuning. Whether it is a new vehicle or used cars, there is a stark improvement in the performance of cars with this aspect.

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