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DOri Botanicals offers healthy, natural products for holistic skincare

Products integrate science and traditional medicine

BOCA RATON, Florida—DOri Botanicals, a holistic skincare company founded by Diana West, a naturopathic physician and medical herbalist, offers products designed to restore skin to its healthiest state using all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

DOri Botanicals products are made exclusively with environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and meticulously researched all-natural ingredients, and are sulfate free, paraben free and contain no alcohol. They contain only organic ingredients grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and none of the company’s products are ever tested on animals.

The company’s products have been featured in national magazines such as Women’s Fitness and Cosmopolitan, as well as by online media, including and

DOri Botanicals’ products emerged from West’s work with herbal medicine. She has combined cutting edge research and science with a passion for traditional medicine to create a line of high quality skincare products.

“My specialization in herbal medicine helped me to create exceptional, all-natural high-quality skincare products, that not only feel and smell amazing but deliver genuine effective results,” West said. “I want to empower and educate people so they can take ownership of their skin health.”

West won an award for the formulation of a highly effective Multifruit® BSC Extract, which is at the heart of DOri Botanicals products. The extract contains a blend of lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric fruit acids that help renew and regenerate skin cells. The products also use Trylagen® PCB ingredients, a combination of peptides that selectively boost the synthesis of Collagen I, III & IV, which prevents to formation of harmful chemicals.

DOri Botanicals offers a complete line of skincare products, cleansers designed for normal skin to pigmentation reducing creams to products designed specifically for dry skin, oily or combination skin and anti-aging products designed for mature skin.

We choose the best ingredients from a variety of certified organic orchards, farms and nurseries to ensure that our ingredients are of the highest quality,” West said. “People get to feel and see results while enjoying the smooth, luxurious texture of our products.”

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