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FabMika Games Releases New Game App, Makibot – The Forest Journey on App Store and Google Play

The sophomore effort by Fabmika Games is a free app for iOS and Android devices, now available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Sydney, Australia,  May 13th 2015. As a follow up to their original app, Space Enemies, FabMika Games wants to show the world what they have to offer in their sophomore release, Makibot The Forest Journey.  Makibot is a steampunk robot that has to navigate his way through a dark and mysterious forest, filled with traps and prizes.  Game designer, Fabrizio Michels believes Makibot will resonate with App enthusiasts.

“Space Enemies was our first release and something I will always be proud of,” says Fabrizio.  “But like most things you do for the first time, even though you just had a wonderful experience, in the back of your mind you always think you can do better.  Makibot is the end result of everything I learned from Space Enemies and my vision of what I think a fantasy-style App should be.  I know people will like it.

The game itself is a side-scrolling adventure, starring a large-eyed steampunk robot that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  From the App Description:

Makibot is a fun game that features a high-tech steampunk robot that journeys through one of the strangest and most dangerous worlds you may have ever seen.

Can you survive the adventure through this mysterious forest? Your goal is to overcome all traps and enemies to escape to freedom.

The game boasts twenty different levels with a mix of puzzles and “jump and run” style gaming that is similar to the popular Temple Run, but with more sophisticated graphics.  The jump and run genre is wildly popular as game downloads because they enables users to compete, not only against the game, but against their friends.  With Makibot, FabMika Games wanted to build upon the popularity and gaming genre but add in a the puzzle component to pick up the other half of gaming enthusiasts.

“Jump and run is great if you’re on the subway or you have a few spare minutes, but when you’re really bored everyone needs a good puzzle,” Fabrizio said, revealing that he still has Tetris on his laptops and tablets.  “Sometimes you want to run, sometimes you want to lose yourself in a puzzle.”

FabMika game designers wanted to lush, yet dark fantasy world that has been missing from a lot of the jump and run games.  The setting is slightly more ominous than many users may be accustomed to, but designers believe that is part of the game’s enigma.  “We want them to be invested in Makibot.  ‘What will happen to Makibot?  Will he make it out?’ Those are the questions we hope our App players will worry about when they set their phones down,” Fabrizio explains, “so they’ll pick it back up again and play to the end.”

The game’s description call is  “highly-immersive” and utilizes the same strategy that Disney uses to keep players, playing: put the cute character in jeopardy and an audience will stay through to the end to make sure he or she survives.  Makibot – The Forest Journey is available through Google Play and the App Store.


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More info about  FabMika Games:

FabMika Games is an Indie game design studio from Sydney, Australia focused on mobile games that feature a very good design and challenging gameplay. Makibot is ours second game. We launched “Space Enemies” in January 2015. FabMika Games was founded by Fabrizio Michels, an experienced digital designer with 15 years on the market creating websites and web apps.



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