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First Official House Music Movie

First Official House Music Movie, Giant Trax Records Announcing Kickstarter Project for The House That Trax Built

Jack is the one that can bring nations and nations of all jackers together under one house, you maybe black, you maybe white, you maybe jew, or gentile, it don’t make a difference in our house and this is fresh.

Can You Feel It—words by Chuck Roberts, music by Mr. Fingers

New Orleans, LA—There can be no doubt the influence that house music has had on the music and club scene.  Not only a popular genre in its own right, house has influenced other styles from hip hop to trance to acid, and there can be no doubt the impact that house giant, Trax Records had on the club scene of the late 80’s and 90’s on through today.  That story, the story of house and Trax records is the subject of  Screamin’ Rachael Cain’s new Kickstarter campaign.  Cain is the owner of Trax records and is looking for help funding the independent film, The House that Trax Built.  The film will narrate the events that led to the creation of Trax records and the genre of music known as “house.”

The House That Trax Built will provide an in-depth look at the faces who built the club scene: Screamin’ Rachael Cain, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, and Ron Hardy, as well as, those of the Club Kid movement that brought house music out of Chicago and into the mainstream.  The movie will highlight the stories of the eclectic group of personalities that all had to come together in the right place and right time to make the house scene happen.  The film tells this amazing story in both interview and flashback format, bringing the viewer into a world of illegal parties, crazy club owners, and the people who made this music one of the most popular genres in the world.

“When we considered doing this movie, we knew it had to be independent,” say Cain.  “Trax is the result of the same type of organic, upswell that you see on Kickstarter and social media. We started Trax with a lot of passion, talent and very little else.  Just a bunch of misfits, rejects, and renegades coming together to make magic happen.  Our first albums were scratchy, imperfect and so frickin’ great.  That’s what I want this film to be—something that we all build together.”

The movie already has a lot of work done on it, and major players willing to donate time.  Funds from the Kickstarter will go to complete filming on location in New York and Chicago, as well as, edit the final product.  For people’s contributions they will receive rewards stemming from downloadable documentaries to music from the Trax catalog—something that has inspired artists from the Chemical Brothers to David Guetta.

“At the end of the day this film is about the music, the music of Trax,” says Cain.  “The soundtrack for this movie alone is enough to get excited about, but I know people are going to want to see this movie.  We have underdogs, backstabbing, murders—and of course, the best damn club music in the world.”

The Kickstarter is schedule to begin in early October with a target end date of December 3rd, enabling people to use the pre-sales available in the perks.

For more information contact Rachael Cain at:

Rachael Cain
Trax Records
Chicago, IL – New Orleans, LA

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