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InventHelp® is a niche services provider that works specifically with inventors to find funding for production and deliver their concepts and ideas to the marketplace. FundanIdea is their latest project and one they believe will change how inventors bring their ideas to the world.

Pittsburgh, PA—FundanIdea is a crowdfunding site that will launch prior to the new year and will be exclusive to inventors. InventHelp® has been in the business of assisting inventors with promoting their products for over thirty years, employing various techniques to bring interest to their clientele.The company is best known for their INPEX® Invention & New Product Exposition trade shows that takes place each year in the Pittsburgh region.The company has been working with other great partners like George Foreman to create great new programs like the George Foreman Inventors University. FundanIdea was their latest concept to showcase inventors and their ideas in an environment where investors feel comfortable reviewing and rewarding good ideas.  Crowdfunding has moved billions of dollars since its inception and helped to launch great products and ideas to market.  However, as some of the larger crowdfunding websites expand, the quality of inventions and ideas has been significantly reduced. Those who now look to invest in a great idea are often overwhelmed by the mass amounts of data and ideas with no real curation mechanisms.

“We came up with the concept for FundanIdea after working with other crowdfunding programs to assist our clients,” explains digital brand manager Steve Barringer.  “Most of these crowdfunding platforms cater to the creative and artistic, and therefore don’t attract the types of investors who want to work with inventors.  They also don’t offer any means to produce strategic partnerships, something most inventors require.  We want to create a niche space on the web where people who look to invest in tech or other types of inventions that can be monetized will go to first. ”

FundanIdea was a result of trying to conceptually marry “Shark Tank” with a Kickstarter style of platform to devise a methodology to produce the types of funds needed for inventors to bring their product to market in a successful and meaningful way.  FundanIdea will have both rewards-based and equity-based crowdfunding that will make it far easier for inventors to find the funds and support needed to launch their products and inventions.

“We’re very excited about this new website and will be working with the press and using our trade shows to advance this platform so that inventors can utilize the power of crowdfunding to bring their inventions to market,” says Steve Barringer.

The website is still in development with a tentative launch date of late November.  For more information visit:

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