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Luke, the Horse Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn



Released on the 21st of January (The National Day of Hugging), Luke, the Horse Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn is a delightful story that teaches children that their own unique identity is sufficient.


Luke, a beautiful, stately horse has trouble accepting his brown spots. If only he could look like the sparkling white unicorn, his life would be complete! Luke’s friend, Old Brownie, comes up with a genius plan to help Luke reach his dreams, and the plans are set in motion. Will Luke be able to get a makeover? Will he be able to cope with his new look? Read along to find out…


It is a near-universal condition among children to strive to be like someone else. This vulnerability and insecurity is undesirable, and can lead to bullying and a loss of self-love. Books like Luke, the Hose Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn teaches children that they are wonderful just as they are, and that those features about themselves that they think are odd are exactly what makes them unique, special, and perfect.

The story presents a humorous take on this serious subject. The author succeeds in communicating at a child’s level of understanding, and seamlessly incorporates invaluable life lessons into the story. The full-page illustrations are beautiful and engaging, and communicates the unique traits of each character on every page.

About the Author

From the heart of Norway comes an inspirational new children’s book. The book is an international collaboration with contributions from the following:

  • Anita Hager, author from Norway
  • Insima, illustrator from Lithuania
  • Micropublishing Media Inc., publisher from USA

Anita Hager, a mother of two and business-leader from Norway, got the idea for the story when watching a spotted horse in her barn. “I knew that children have these feelings, and I also knew that it is often easier for them to relate to animals rather than people,” says Hager. “I wanted kids to read this book and see that they are perfect and special just the way they are.”

“Each of us are special in our own way,” muses Hager. “Girls with curly hair want straight hair, while other girls with straight hair envy another’s curls. This is the way that society teaches us to think – what you have is not enough, when in reality, it really is! The unique features about ourselves that we are least comfortable with, are usually the ones that other people love the most about us. That’s the lesson of Luke – be yourself and you’re always a unicorn.”

“People thought that publishing could not be done from Norway,” says Anita, “but I pressed through and made it happen. Now many children have the opportunity to read a wonderful story, direct from the heart of Norway.” Thank you for everyone who helped to make this book a possibility.


“Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Unicorn. Then Always Be a Unicorn.”

I say, “Be yourself and you will always be a unicorn – be the magic you truly are!”

Book reviews

“This glorious story about Luke, the spotted horse, will forever alter the way children see themselves.

The exceptional illustrations further enhance the powerful message: You are beautiful just the way you are.”

— Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman

International Bestselling Authors and Co-founders of Your Year of Miracles

Where to Purchase the Book

  • The book is published by Micropublishing Media and can be purchased at:


  • More information about the book can be found on the author’s homepage:


  • An audio version of the book is available for purchase at:


  • View more stories and additional information about Anita Hager at:


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