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V. Giampapa, MD-FACS, Nobel Prize Nominee to Present on Advances in Stem Cell Research & Applications, Feb. 27 - Palm Beach, Florida
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“Make life better. Be the future. It is, really very simple.”Maggie Gyllenhaal, ‘A Honorable Woman’

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For once put yourself in the driver’s seat. When it comes to your life,  CoModeco dwellings  can accommodate how ever you wish to  live.  You provide the sketch and CoModeco customizes your housing according to your specs (and budget).  CoMoDeco’s are built to accommodate your needs, the amenities are meant to complement your lifestyle choices.  Sustainable. Showstopper. Off the Grid. Or on.

Though the Co-Modeco is an organic structure, each unit conforms to a specific protocol (10′ ft Ceilings, 8 ft width & 10′ horizontal) consistent to the size of a rectangle cargo container; thus enabling ease of shipping, freight overland and overall affordability. A The basic turnkey Comodeco unit begins at $17,500. and may include in addition an infinite number of configurations to include multiple units or multi story structures.

An infinite number of configurations.

An infinite number of configurations.

A CoMoDeco is adaptable;  on or off the grid.   Environmental impact is at the base minimum; as the foundations consist of water resistant above the ground pylons secured with tent stakes that have survived a 10 point cyclone.  The bio-diversity of the site remains undisturbed.
phoicanh20basicA Comodeco  is Globally mobile. Each is designed according to the purchaser’s specifications.  We are a volume based B to B business.  We are able to build ‘one-sies’  and ‘two-sies’ , but 100 to 2000 CoModeco’s a month is in keeping with our potential output.   Volumes orders ofr our  indestructible housing comes at a price that is achievable for anyone with the aspirational dream of home ownership. A deeply affordable business model that is with reach for almost everyone.   Slide 1Note: Take a moment to present your code compliance and zoning requirements before Co-Modeco begins assembly.  This greatly facilitates this collaboration.  An initial, refundable, good faith deposit ($750. ) covers the cost of final layout & budget presentations and will be applied to the agreed upon purchase price.

A mutually agreed upon down payment assures delivery within 60 days after purchase order.  The down payment is held in a 3rd party Escrow Account  until the Bill of Lading is produced and your Co-Modeco’s are outbound from their port of departure destined to point of arrival. Final terms are open to negotiation.  (Ask about financing options).

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An optimum solution for people who own or lease undeveloped land in either remote and/or urban locations.

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