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The 6th annual New Media Film Festival is set to unspool June 9 -10 in Los Angeles, Ca. Reinventing and retooling the film fest genre; NMFF seamlessly integrates scintillating premieres, Industry icons, the latest in delivery technology and insight into the future of entertainment. Distinguished as the first Fest in history to screen movies, shorts, docs and sizzling content shot on phones, drones, IPods and 3D the NMFF presents new and enduring cinema while “honoring stories worth telling.”

Los Angeles/CA There are 400-plus film festivals worldwide according to ‘Publishers Weekly’. ‘Indie Wire’ puts the number in the United Sates alone closer to 2000. Discrepancies between the 400 to 2000+ stem from what, in fact, constitutes a ‘film festival’. According to Brian Smith, Indie Wire’s Associate Publisher, “The term may describe a retrospective of silent films in a room full of folding chairs or a weeklong extravaganza attended by a capacious number of celebrities and world premieres.”

As its name suggests, The New Media Film Festival (, now celebrating its sixth year in the state of the art Landmark Theatres, 2222 South Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90064 is at the nexus of what can best be defined as a film festival for the 21st Century. Confirms Festival Founder and Producer Susan Johnston, “We are intimate but cutting edge”. Set to unspool June 9 and 10 what the New Media Film Festival lacks in paparazzi and hoopla is made up in spades with innovative programming and engaging panels and events. The NMFF has earned its acclaim as the earliest event of its type to embrace all the latest delivery platforms and cinematic technology while ‘honoring stories worth telling”.

Whereas the first film festival ever was the Venice Film Festival founded in 1932; the San Francisco Film Festival is North America’s oldest celebrating its 58th year in April. The Cannes Film Fest et Marche has become synonymous with the term ‘film festival’ as is Sundance, Tribeca and the bookended AFI Film Festival and AFM (the American Film Market, a distributors feeding frenzy in Santa Monica).

At its heart one may tap the pulse beat of the global indie circuit. “The New Media Film Festival is staged and programmed right up to the last minute.“Moral Combat”, “The Lady In Number 6” and “Music Saved My Life”, are three examples of entrees that we previewd, programmed and screened within days before the NMFF debut, ” confirms Artistic Director David Kleiler, PhD.

“This immediacy assures that the film fare at the New Media Festival arrives fresh to delight their critical audience of film enthusiasts and professionals,” says Francois Huynh, co-Founder of AD-Avenue and Wondermail & Wonder-land aggregators of the top news stories in the world and a NMFF media partner.

Combine this with a sneak preview of an ever changing industry; the New Media Film Festival is known as a ‘must attend’ forum for emerging and established filmmakers. Film fans are given a in depth symposium on what the future holds in the way of cinema and entertainment while distributors can preview content that might otherwise never see the inside of another theater.

Yoko Ono’s Music Video, “The Sun Is Down (Shot on Mobile)”, “When Sally Met Rascal (Shot on RED) with Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland who attennded and first time content creator “The Wingman” (Web Series) were all picked up for distribution at recent New Media Film Festivals.

Susan has confirmed the panel finalists, program highlights and sponsors in addition to PR-Cascon Modular Homes will be announced by April 25, 2015. A strategic media alliance with and and its subsiderary ( will be aggrigating the news of the NMFF. Both press services are at the forefront of online marketing strategies and are the future of content advertising. is based in Paris and Strasbourg with plans for a third hub in San Francisco to open in June. Both ABNewswire and AD-Avenue are dedicated to bringing bright ideas to their global readership while elevating the brand visibility of their clients and partners.

Are two thousand film festivals too many or the fifty listed in Greater Los Angeles Film Directory between January and May too few? Does having thousands of film festivals diminish the excitement and anticipation that accompany these events or do they increase the awareness that attends the power of film? With the advent of home delivery systems will the Film Festival become as obsolete as the VHS tape and the ‘movie date’? The answer is inconsequential at best. As is said, build it and they will come provided the New Media Film Festival remains relevant and recreational.

Published at ABNEWSWIRE

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