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Documentary film about contemporary hell is now available for digit

Creative & collaborative feature documentary film about contemporary hell is now available for digit

After successful filming in locations as distant as Japan, Norway, Russia, USA, Indonesia and Congo, Searching for Hell feature documentary is now ready for digital press screenings.

Do you know what and where hell is today?

The subject of Hell is as universal as it gets. Hell, with so many meanings, associations, and emotions it arouses, has for thousands of years fascinated people all over the globe. The burning flames of eternal fire never fails to inspire writers, musicians, painters. Searching for hell documentary goes beyond religious connotations and geographical boundaries with a mission to discover what hell really is today.

The film starts out as a quest to discover the truth behind the story of digging a hole to Hell – the deepest bore hole in the world – in Siberia in the 1980s. From there, it continues across different continents, cultures and ideas, in an attempt to examine different perspectives on hell. Five film-making teams embark on a journey to tell the personal and creative stories of people inhabiting contemporary Hells all over the world; the townshiptuned-theme-park of Hell in Michigan, a house converted into a morbid vision of Buddhist hell in Japan, a deadly sulphur lake in Indonesia, and the dark present-day Congo. They are all doors to Hell. Creative and original feature documentary – Searching for Hell – will walk you through those doors, examining Hell’s geographical,
cultural and social dimensions.

Hell exists. It’s just not what you think it is.
Russia, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Congo


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