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The Sexy Fitness Solution to a Mom’s Busy Schedule

A 12-week online fitness and lifestyle coaching program called ‘Get Real, Get Sexy’ is proving to be a popular solution for women across the country

Earlier this year, an innovative online coaching service for current and expecting mothers entitled ‘Get Real, Get Sexy’ was launched. Initially a one-on-one coaching program in Los Angeles, ‘Get Real, Get Sexy’ has become an exciting opportunity for women throughout the world to access a program that is designed specifically for a mom’s busy lifestyle.

Participants of the 12-week program gain access to an effective workout plan, where each workout lasts an average of 20 minutes. The program also provides a thorough effective eating plan several healthy recipes, and a variety of other resources to help participants achieve their goals. The entire program addresses and overcomes the underlying challenges that many mothers face today.

The online program was created due to popular demand.” said Luci, a mother of four children and the Creator of the Get Real, Get Sexy program. “When I worked with women one-on-one, it quickly became obvious how many moms were seeking more than just a fitness regimen. They were really after confidence, contentment, a sense of pride and accomplishment. This program helps women achieve these goals in their bodies and lives.

With a social media following of over 20,000 individuals, the ‘Get Real, Get Sexy’ program is quickly making an unprecedented name for itself among women throughout the country. To find out more information about the program, visit the website directly at

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