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Naperville, IL  – The days of wasting time to grab a regular towel during a workout or any sweat-inducing activity may soon be over, if Entrepreneurial Marketer, LeRona McNulty, meets her campaign goal on Kickstarter to fund her and her husband’s idea for an innovative sports towel called, Sweat Towel Buddy™.

Until now, the only methods of wiping off sweat during physical activity is by using the back of the hand, your shirt or throwing a normal towel on one shoulder. While hanging the towel on the body may appear convenient, it is a recipe for disaster, especially, if one is working out on a treadmill.
The Sweat Towel Buddy™ is a wearable sports towel that snaps at the back of the neck for easy connection and removal. The towel is designed for comfort and convenience. It is super-absorbent, trendy and great for an active lifestyle.
Working with the tagline “The only towel you need to stay active”, the Sweat Towel Buddy™ will appeal to fitness enthusiasts, athletes, technicians, landscapers, marathoners and individuals prone to excessive sweating. The idea for the towel came about as McNulty’s husband, Leonard- a Service Technician, would come home with his eyes swollen, red and irritated from sweating while on the job.

She said: “My husband’s eyes would look like Bart Simpson’s. In an effort to find a solution to stop the irritation, he started cutting holes in our towels to make something convenient to use on the job. I didn’t like the idea of the holes, so we cut it V-neck style, added a snap for easy connection, and the Sweat Towel Buddy™ was born”. She further added, “We found it to be extremely useful while we exercised and did chores. People were impressed with the uniqueness and convenience of the towel and wanted to buy it from us. That was when we began to see the potential of the Sweat Towel Buddy™.” It is made in the USA and is patent pending.

McNulty wants everyone to experience the convenience of the Sweat Towel Buddy™ and is hoping to reach her campaign goal of $10,000. The funds raised will be used to assist with the manufacturing of the Sweat Towel Buddy™. Starting November 17,, 2015, Individuals can back the project with as little as $5 but early donations of $15 will be rewarded with one of the Sweat Towel Buddys. For further information or to back the campaign, visit: http://kck.st/1HUZxTt

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