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Planet Fashion TV cohosts 3 Epic Events during Swim Week 2016 Miami Beach
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Reach Out & Touch Something, Besides the ‘Smart’ Phone During Swim Week

Save the Date: Saturday I July 18 from 2-6pm 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach

TUNICABABETTEOn the Official Swim Week Calendar, is ‘Ibiza After Sunset’ Saturday – July 18 from 2 – 6 PM.  In association with Planet Fashion TV and  Body Sculpture Centers the Pop-up Beauty Lounge and Gifting Suite will unspool at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach at  the residential entrance located at 102 24th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139.  The Beauty Lounge & Luxe Gifting Suite will also be located in Suite #1440 for a breathtaking, unobstructed ocean view.

Sartorial guests are invited to experience the most enchanting & calming gathering to take place during the re-invented Miami swim week July 15-21 in the heart of Miami Beach, Florida.

The ‘Ibiza After Sunset ’ Luxury Gift Lounge & Beauty Suite will feature the willfully homespun and virginal lace garments of Ibiza’s own designer Piluca Bayarri available exclusively at Kokonuts in Delray Beach.  Vibe Swimwear by emerging designer and Miami native, Melani James, will take a turn with informal modeling in the adroitly appointed lobby area.  The Vibe collection is inspired by all things boho, nature and the kaleidoscopic colors that Melani experienced during her stay in Malibu.  Melani brings to Miami swim week the “Miami beachside vibe combined with Cali Cool,” she confirms.

Informal modeling by K2 Models ™ will take place within the lush and sustainable environs of Miami Beach’s most achingly hip, new hotel and condominium. Private tours will evoke sighs of bliss while guests experience firsthand the ultimate in beach front living.

The original Charli Girls, Lisa Klepper and Michelle Astor Gilbert’s Jewelry Collection will accessorize the three Planet Fashion TV Swim Week, by-invitation-only gatherings, July 16-18 and 19 respectively.  The fashionable duo possesses an intuitive understanding of the female form evidenced in their collection of body conscious accessories and jewelry.  In the pursuit of style, confidence and individuality the Charli Girls accessorize with semi-precious, beaded necklaces are fashioned from hand buffed wood, hand blown Chinese glass and ancient Tibetan beads.  Each unique piece is delicately detailed with flowing silk tassels that extend from a bikini on the shores of Ibiza to the boulevards of Miami Beach.


With production by Vector Int’l Pics (, Celia Evans of Planet and in association with Kimberly Marin, an Acupuncture Physician and Registered Dietician with Victoria Worship of the revolutionary SharpLight Technologies ™ the afternoon program will feature complimentary life changing beauty consultations.  These will include skin rejuvenation, anti aging skin techniques, effective weight loss solutions and body sculpting methods.  A special appearance by Dr. John G. Sarris of Elite Smile Designs in Pompano and Delray Beach, Florida’s own celebrity dentist, will offer advice about teeth whitening to full mouth rejuvenations.  Tired of that unibrow? Karmel Bortoleti Eyebrow designs will be on hand to create that Audrey Hepburn arch.

Guests will be treated to a ‘fluff and dust’ by celebrity Stylist Shervan Mclain who will bring a hair, makeup and nail artists to perform complementary services.

Among the gift products are Vasiliki Karlin’s Nayked Botanicals. Chemically free, carefully crafted, non toxic skin, body and hair care products will be included in the gift totes.  Vasiliki was profiled in ‘W’ Magazine in an editorial expose on the Europa Med Spa founder.   Nayked Botanicals are fashioned from 100% vegan, truly natural formulations that boast smooth and silky textures.

Other designers on hand during Swim Week that eschew sterile technology and are successfully trading on the extraordinary character and desirability of the “hand made and humanly imperfect” are Paul M. Sokolski, President of Designs of the Future, LLC.   Paul has created a unique company that reckons back to the mastery of Renaissance artisans.  From Miami to the Middle East Paul’s artisanal crafted and custom finishes not only come alive but become a vibrant living part of the home as an extension of Paul’s heart and passion.  His works pays homage to a world that can change. He and team “embrace a vision of a world in harmony with its surroundings.”  Paul says, “I go from interior designing people’s homes to interior designing people’s hearts.  He is apt to say, ‘his design style is inspired by our very essence and that is “LOVE”.  

Combine one of a kind fashion by Piluca Bayarri of Ibiza,  Charli Girls and Vibe Swimwear with delectable treats from the Mmmm Wynwood this is a date for memories in the making.  Supervising the stellar edibles is Alan R. McLennan of (F) A.R.M. Cuisine Consultancy with pastel macarons of Framboise, Madagascar Black Vanilla and Lavender from Le Macaron ™ of Delray Beach. Laurie’s Pantry Gourmet Foods will serve a nutty fresh – from – the – oven granola and fresh yogurt parfait. Organic signature cocktails will be provided by 49th Parallel gluten free vodka from Pangea Wine and Spirits.  Wines will be presented by Four Vines Naked Chardonnay and Cryptic Red Blend from Purple Wine and Spirits. And as grand finale the inaugural ‘Mmmm Brunch and Art Appreciation’, with fine art ‘Yes You Can’ exhibit by Claude Charlier and Music by Dr. Muu, inspired by the Rhythm Foundation.  The ‘plating’ begins at 11 AM to 3PM. on Sunday, July 19 at 2519 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127 – Reservations 786-703-3409 in Wynwood’s burgeoning art district, discover it fast, before it is so yesterday.

Media Partners include Sea Star Films and Planet Fashion TV with affiliate news outlets, and   Ad Avenue Group expanded their hub from Paris and Strasbourg to San Francisco in June with a satellite office in the Palm Beaches. They are independent news gatherers whose goal is to inform, challenge and invigorate the public with a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and culture across the globe while meeting the highest standards in journalism and cultural expression.

With Art Direction by the multi talented Rene M. Mejia; his design of the invitations and backdrops are being called “instant keepsakes”. The afternoon promises to be the place where the distinction between bespoke ready-to-wear resort collections, breathtaking ambiance and do-it-yourself sewing circles create a blissful blur.    Responde s’il vous plait 305-793-1389 or 310-220-9118  or rogetlink@adavenue

photo3-swimwear Caption: Photo 1 Piluca Bayarri, Resort Couture Collection

Photo 2 Charli Girls Accessories bring yoga like tranquility while being poised to re-enter whirlwind of popularity from fashion trendsetters and fashion mavens alike. 

Photo 3.  Liubasha Rose the muse behind the  alchemy of light, color and design that went into the creation of  1 Hotel & Homes  South Beach.  When complemented about her choice of ‘fonts’ for 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach Preview Invitation she deferred, saying , “Oh My,  this was not a  ‘font’ , it was leaves, tendrils and stems from 1 South’s yard.  I  laid them out on a sheet of parchment and shot overhead with my camera phone.” 


About Charli Girls
Charli Girls Jewelry and Accessories transport their wearers to a world that is natural and harmonious with all natural and urban surroundings.  The Charli Girls jewelry is fashioned from rare materials like jute, polished wood, antique glass, fragrant seeds, shells and semi precious stones. Founded by Lisa Klepper and Michelle Astor Gilbert, their  boho and chic styles are well defined and well cut; ideal for an outing in the park or a posh night on the town.   Styles include polished hand carved butterflies, delicate mirrors and crystals, gypsy kodis, moti-pro-long necklace and multicolor wooden necklace each in a unique way embodies the spirit and the pace of exotic destinations everywhere. The company hosts seasonal pop-up trunk shows with one of kind imported and local couture collections and prêt a porte.

Based in Miami Beach, FL, Planet Fashion TV is produced by Sea Star Films, a full-service commercial, TV and event production company. Planet Fashion TV can be found internationally on ABS-CBN, The Filipino Channel, Lifetime Network, Myx, The Beach Channel, Barcelo, CableVision del Caribe, CMET, Cablemax, Iberostar MCR, and the online magazine

About Piluca Bayarri of Ibiza
White lace like a virgin and glamour conquers all is the motto of Piluca Bayarri, Ibiza’s most sophisticated, multifaceted designer.  She has successfully fused her heritage, education, work experience, and her passion for the arts into her fashion lines of resort and wedding wear.

About Pangea Wine & Spirits
Pangea Wine & Spirits, Inc., based in Sarasota, Florida, is a National wine and spirits importer and broker. Pangea specializes in the acquisition and representation of spirituous beverages that have unique designations, provide purpose and solution to their vendor base. Pangea’s focus on hand crafted, high quality, small case production brands sets the spirit of its mission to deliver the finest “clean drinking” products available to its consumer community.

About Purple Wine and Spirits
Purple Wine + Spirits are dedicated to creating extraordinary wine and distilled spirit experiences that surprise and delight. Founded by Derek Benham in 2001, the company produces branded wines as well as custom and private label wines for major U.S. and International retailers and restaurateurs. Purple Wine + Spirits is based in Sonoma County, with satellite wineries in American Canyon and the Russian River Valley.  Sustainability is a key facet of Purple’s operating principles. Over the past decade the company has made great strides in water and energy conservation and both the Graton and American Canyon wineries are certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

About Elite Smile Designs
Located in the heart of the posh Pompano Beach Intercostals district on Atlantic Avenue, with new offices in Delray Beach and an affiliated Elite Med Spa.  Dr. John G. Sarris has built an enviable reputation as one of the most esteemed dental practitioners from Philadelphia to Pompano. The practice specializes in cosmetic and full mouth rejuvenation, restoration, cosmetic dental enhancements with an on premise one day laboratory.

Known as ‘the celebrity dentist’, Dr. Sarris is also sought after as a highly trained TMJ specialist.   Elite Smile Designs is the gold standard for all dental and non invasive beauty and wellness.  His practice is sought out by both celebrities and those mere mortals who aspire to look like them.  This comprehensive, one stop practice has plans to open up several new dental outlets in the foreseeable future.

About Body Sculpture Centers
Body Sculpture Centers of Florida’s  mission is to serve their patients by performing state of the art, minimally invasive body sculpting and anti-aging services administered by the most elite cosmetic surgeons in the region.  According to CEO and Founder Kimberly Marin, Acupuncture Physician and Registered Dietician, “We have built an enviable reputation as the practice where the most demanding patients seek out minimum risk, maximum comfort and optimal results during and post procedures. Body Sculpture Centers of Florida is committed to complete patient care and satisfaction.  Their mental, physical, and emotional well being is paramount in our treatment and philosophy”. 

With a new office in Coral Gables and plans to expand throughout South Florida, their comprehensive treatment center in West Ft Lauderdale provides liposuction, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, face lifts, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, acne treatments, medically supervised weight loss and acupuncture.  “Our services include the most advanced equipment and techniques available on the market today including the recently installed SharpLight Technologies ®.” confirms Kimberly.  The attention to detail and level of care afforded every individual that walks through the door of the beautifully appointed surgical, acupuncture and esthetician suites sets Body Sculpture Centers worlds apart from the competition.  At Body Sculpture Centers of Florida, the ‘Liposuction Specialists’, “the patient is not just a patient, they, in fact, become part of an ever growing family”.

SharpLight Technologies
SharpLight Technologies (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada) is a leading innovator of advanced, non-invasive systems for the medical aesthetic industry. The company’s product lines are designed for a range of applications, from skin rejuvenation and hair reduction, to the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and acne. SharpLight is part of the American Laser Clinics (AML) group, a medical services provider with one of the first private chains of aesthetic medical centers in the world, serving more than 100,000 clients. This accumulated wealth of professional experience creates synergy, and gives SharpLight a unique understanding of patient and practitioner needs, as well as a resource for continuing development.

SharpLight’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that increase business performance by the application of advanced technology and provision of a complete business concept.   Dr. Wayne P Mucci, acclaimed Body Sculpture Center Surgeon confirms that the SharpLight ™ system, “has advanced applications that include spot sizing from micro to macro, modifying fluencies, altering pulse duration and control of beam delivery.  Many of these applications have not been available within treatment perimeters before now.  With optimal delivery and interchangeable modalities, customized specifically to the patients clinical needs,   SharpLight ™ treatments are the gold standard for elective procedures! ”  Using the Erbium: YAG hand piece for skin resurfacing treatments offers our patient’s results that are immediately visible yet comfortable” states Lisa Dhillon, Director of Marketing for SharpLight Technologies ™.

About Karmel Bortoleti Eyebrow Design
Eyebrows Group Design is the first network of salons dedicated exclusively to eyebrow shaping and design. Eyebrow Design in Brazil utilizes the most advanced techniques in the market.  With 220 outlets in Brazil, Guatemala and the United States, EGD services an estimated half million beauty conscious customers a year.  Generating impressive results, Karmel Bortoleti takes the shape of the face, expression lines, arch, type, hair color, age, symmetry and personal identity, into account before shaping the perfect eyebrow for each client.

About Nayked Botanicals
The   20 or more distinct formulas and treatments created by Nayked Botanicals serve as a first line of defense against cell damage, which causes premature aging of the skin. Listen up models and guests.  Vasiliki Karlin, Founder and CEO will be providing complimentary evaluations of ways to expediently solve any beauty or health concerns you may have.

About Designs of the Future , Paul Sokolski
While Paul Sokolski’s work is grounded in a serious devotion to his art, he has a lightness of touch and humour that, although often copied, is unique in the field of living installations and habitat’s.  He frequently embarks on innovative collaborations with friends and fellow creatives.   As well as his self-authored work and commissioned design, Paul’ and Designs of the Future makes regular appearances at events and talks worldwide.  He also runs creative workshops attended by children, students and creative professionals alike. He documents and communicates his work and points of inspiration prolifically via social media and press outlets such as the-press – and .

A Decorative Artist by trade Paul Sokolski began his career as a decorating contractor over two decades ago , building a successful business in Upstate New York and then in 2004 he expanded with the launching of his South Florida division headquartered in Miami. Paul’s artistic abilities combined with his keen business sense have earned him a very loyal and broad client base.  His recognized expertise has led him to do work internationally in Saipan, in the Mariana Islands, Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai as well as domestically in Las Vegas, and all throughout South Florida in Miami, Naples, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

Paul is also an instructor for decorative finishes in the Middle East, UAE and most recently domestically Paul taught a business class to decorative finishers.

About Ultimate Island Guide
As a travel guide, we’re dedicated to bringing you, the site user, directly in contact with island businesses. As part of the island tourism community, The Ultimate Island Guide is committed to protecting the natural beauty of islands and their surrounding marine environments.  Our specialized approach to island travel allows us to give you a highly relevant and targeted experience.  We help take the hassle out of travel research and help discover the relaxed vacation lifestyle that islands are all about.

About Rene Mejia Designs
Graphic artist, web strategist and designer, M. Rene Mejia is known for his winning,   up-beat style of communication. In association with Vector International Pictures ( words, text and a message are an important part of Rene’s lexicon of visual images.  As a recent graduate he is developing a distinctive voice that is being sought after by companies that include F.ARM , Alan R. McClennan’s Consultancy, Swim Week,, Art among several fashion houses in South Florida.

About Ad Avenue Group in association with affiliate news outlets, and are independent news gatherers whose goal is to inform, challenge and invigorate the public with a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and culture across the globe. To this end, AdAvenue Group reports, produces, acquires and distributes news, information and other content that strives to meet the highest standards in journalism and cultural expression.  At our core, we are a news organization with the goal to be credible, accurate, fair, complete and as impartial as possible.

About Vibe Swimwear
Vibes Swimwear is inspired by the BOHO lifestyle that Miami native and emerging designer – Melani James grew up in. Constantly surrounded by the sun, sand and waves, Melani nurtured a passion to express her love for fashion using the neutral palettes natural to planet earth melded with Miami ‘s sizzling vibrancy and kaleidoscopic colors.  Melani is currently attending the Miami International University of Art and Design, and aspires to fast track and flourish in the world of contemporary prêt a porte.  She is creating a brand that is versatile, reversible and can be packed for a weekend a way or stays home vacations with a mix and match credo.  Her VIBE swimwear line combines effortless femininity and flattering detail. Vibes Swimwear encompasses the style of the Designer herself, “Miami Beachside vibes and Cali Cool”.

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