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The Jaguar Project, Healing Veterans from PTSD

The Jaguar Project is a feature-length documentary to begin production in September 2015. It will pull from hundreds of applications of veterans diagnosed and suffering from PTSD, and recently released from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The documentary will follow the select 10 veterans for this first feature, as they enter an experimental 30-day recovery program under the guidance of qualified medical professionals trained in cognitive and prolonged exposure therapies.
The program aims to instill skills that echo the veterans’ training in challenging environments. The Jaguar Project is also an exercise in team building and developing long-term coping strategies. This program, which seeks to align with the military medical community, will involve concepts of long-term sustainability, permaculture meditation, and other therapies to repair PTSD symptoms.
Multiple Emmy and Academy award-nominated producers and editors have come on board to oversee the production and to ensure winning production value. The veterans’ skills, training and experience will prove valuable in forward operating base construction and maintenance, for protecting wildlife and supporting jaguar anti-poaching efforts. Much like park rangers, they will assist in educating local cattle farmers and those!

Jaguar New Sound from Mike Anderson on Vimeo.

PREVIEW an introduction to The Jaguar Project at: !
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